Vodie Mobile

The VODIE Mobile is an application, developed at the Institute for Education Technology - Palermo Department of the Italian National Research Council, that allows blind people to access the Moodle LMS of the VODIE project by an iOS mobile device.

The app has been developing within the VODIE - Vocational Education of Visually Impaired People via Distance Education project. The VODIE is a two year project. It is founded with support from European Commission within the Lifelong Learning Programme, Multilateral Project, Leonardo Da Vinci.

The main aim of the project is to transfer to Turkey and Italy the results of the German project "e-learning-VIP", a learning management system for the visually impaired.

In particular, the VODIE mobile app is designed to access many functionality of Moodle and first of all to be accessible for blind people who use the VoiceOver tool on iOS.

The app works in conjunction with a Moodle plug-in, that we have developed. This plug-in is released in GPL licence and it is available in the download section of this site.



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